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Sno Brum Original Snow Removal Tool with Telescoping Handle

by Sno Brum
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  • Features
  • Will not scratch your car's paint or leave scuff marks
  • The Sno Brum head is made of high grade durable foam and cross linked polyethylene
  • Also good for clearing snow from hot tub covers
  • Telescoping handle extends from 27-inches to 46-inches for plenty of reach
  • Foam head measures 17-inches x 6-Inches
  • Dimensions: 2.52 x 5.98 x 27.95 inches / 0.88 pounds
Product Description
The SNO BRUM offers consumers a way to quickly sweep snow off a vehicle and away from the user. Perfect for sport utility vehicles and minivans where reaching the across the width of the windshield with a typical snow brush is often challenging. With the SNO BRUM, drivers can easily push even heavy, wet snow off the roof, hood and trunk without scratching the paint or harming the finish of any vehicle. The durable molded polyethylene foam head has been lab-tested for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and center load stress and durability and has achieved the highest ratings in all tests. The oversized head (6' x 17") is the largest snow remover available. The high-impact plastic face plate is recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the vehicle. The powder coated steel telescoping handle has special cold resistant nylon threads and extends from 27" to 46".

Our Clients Say... 1
Oct. 22, 2007
Great ProductBy Frog

I bought my first one a number of years ago at a chain store and was skeptical but then after using it to push off huge amounts of snow with one sweep I was hooked. The telescoping handle is nice and reaches high over the car. Lots of heavy snow can be removed in a few minutes unlike a snow brush which takes much more effort and time. And it won't hurt your car's finish.

I bought a replacement one for me and a second for a gift. I had to replace mine from last winter only because I wasn't careful to ensure the handle was properly secured and bent it by accident. The previous reviewer is correct you still need an ice scraper for your windows/windshield; but with the handle collapsing it can easily be stored in the trunk. It gets the snow off the car so quickly and easily, that I can clean off several cars in the time it would take me to use a brush on one.

Amazon is the only place I have found them online at a reasonable price. The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is I wish the handle was a bit sturdier. Overall though terrific product!!

Dec. 4, 2005
Must have for snow!By S. Tanis

I finally got a Snow Brum after living in the northeast my whole life. I can't believe I've wasted so much time with a regualr snow brush. And this is a required tool if you have an SUV and hate having 50 pounds of snow slide down your wind shield when ever you hit the brakes. You can clean off your entire car in about 1/10th of the time. And this is great for the deep snows too. In short, if you have snow - YOU NEED THIS.

Dec. 23, 2009
It Works, but with ShortcomingsBy Richard Wong "Wolf"

I am giving it a 3.5 stars. It is between a "It is ok" and "I like it". I will refer it as a Snow Plow as opposite to a Snow Broom because of motion which to use it resembles a plow or a hoe. I bought it for $17.

Does not scratch car paint
Remove large section of snow faster than the a snow brush
Extended handle allows ease of use

Cannot efficiently remove snow from non-flat surfaces
The screwed-on foam plow can come loose
The telescoping handle does not securely lock in place

In details:
Dec 19, 2009. The northeast experienced a historic snow storm and I was very excited to test this Sno Brum, after just getting it 2-3 days beforehand. Unlike a snow brush, the durable blue foam plow does not flex, so it can remove snow much faster than my previous snow brush. In fact, the thicker the snow, the bigger the advantage. My feeling is that it will perform no better than a snow brush when the snow is only 1/8th inch on a car, but it really performed well against that ~6 inches snow on my car. However, because the foam does not flex, it cannot contour to uneven areas. For example, this tool removed snow from my car roof very fast, but it could not remove snow around my side mirrors and few other places. I had to use my hands to remove snow from those areas. On average, it is still much faster to remove snow from my car using the Sno Brum. The extended handle also came in handy, as I did not have to reach over. However, the screw-on mechanism which is supposed to keep the handle extended was not secure. It was fine when I pulled the snow using this tool, but when I pushed the snow, the handle contracted on a few occasions. This was not a huge problem as I rarely needed to push snow, and I worked around this. Another problem is that the foam plow is screwed onto the handle and it came partially unscrewed twice. Not detrimental, but annoying. It is one thing to adjust a tool in a sunny 70 F degree environment. It is another thing to adjust it in a snow storm wearing thick clothes and gloves. Overall, I think it is an improvement over my previous snow brush, but with obvious shortcomings.

*Update Dec 31, 2009*
Another snow day. Again, get to play with this tool. It removed snow very fast, but cannot remove snow in non-flat surfaces. The blue foam came loose once.

*Update Jan 08, 2010*
Probably the last update. Snow day. It again removed snow very fast, but the blue foam again came loose from the pole. I am wonder if I should just glue them together, but then it will be too bulky in my trunk.

*Update Feb 13, 2010*
We experienced one of the worst snow day on Feb 9-10, 2010, worse than the Dec, 2009 one. I have uploaded two photos and Snow Baum plowed through the snow fairly fast because it can dig into the snow. Again, it came loose several times, so that was annoying.

*Update Jan 18, 2011*
Still works fine. It was very efficient in removing the snow on my car.

Nov. 15, 2009
Quick & effectiveBy Bonnie L.

I bought my first Sno Brum back in 1997 when I got an SUV for the first time and couldn't reach the roof with a traditional ice-scraper/brush to get the piles of snow off the vehicle. This thing is amazing! One push with the handle and off goes mounds of snow in seconds! I usually end up helping other people in the parking lot at work because I can clear off my vehicle so fast & they're still struggling with their little brushes. I have one in each vehicle, and I even use the oldest one to pull the snow off the roof of the house over the bay window to avoid water leaks from melting snow. Fantastic product. You can even replace the aluminum telescoping handle with a stationary wood handle from the local home improvement store. This product gets an A+++++ !!

Feb. 24, 2006
It's Snow problem!By F. Almond "fab-5-freddy"

This worked very well in the record setting East Coast snow we just had. The long handle reaches all the way across my mini-van. Didn't mark up my car the way our old snow brush would. Great item! If snow is making your day sad, Sno-brum will make you glad.

Oct. 30, 2005
Best snow removal product I've tried!By J. Murray

I've lived in Oregon, Colorado and now the Northeast, and seen my fair share of snow. I got one of these from a friend two winters ago, and it's the best tool for snow removal I've used. I still have my ice scraper, since this won't remove ice, but it did wonders for those overnight dumps of 18-24 inches that we got in the northeast last year. I'm buying one for some Florida friends who will be experiencing winter for the first time in the northeast this year!

Apr. 15, 2005
Snaps like a TwigBy M. Yu

When I bought this, it seems like a good idea. Instead of a brush which doesn't do very well when it comes to pushing heavy snow, the SnoBrum Brush has this thick piece of form which doesn't hurt the surface of the car. However, the piece of plastic that connects the brum to the brush is very fragile and it just snapped the 2nd time I was using it. Instantly the SnoBrum is useless!

Feb. 1, 2010
surprised at the good reviewsBy J. Cohen

The head of this brum unscrews way too easily and the shaft is so soft it bends way too easily. good concept but poorly designed.

Jan. 27, 2011
JUnk.By J

Just plain broke in half. Forget it for anything more than 4 inches of snow. What a shame - seemed like the product had potential.

Mar. 6, 2011
sno brumBy Absc

It was so cheaply made it broke the first time I used it. No screws to hold anything together, just some small plastic nubbies - worthless. returned it immediately

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